FUTO Voice Input Privacy Policy

Last updated June 19, 2024. Valid as of v1.3.4

1. General clauses

1.1. The app may make external requests for the following purposes: checking for updates (once every 2 days), downloading new models (at your choice), paying for the app (at your choice), sending crash reports (at your choice)

1.2. During these requests, your IP address and other traffic routing information may be transmitted to and processed by various service providers.

1.3. Microphone data is always processed on your device and will never be transmitted elsewhere.

1.4. This privacy policy may change in the future.

2. Google Play specific clauses

2.1. Checking for updates is not done on the Google Play version. Instead, Google Play handles updates automatically.

2.2. The Google Play version of the app includes Google Play's billing library, and you may be subject to Google's privacy policy.

3. Standalone specific clauses

3.1. You may choose to pay for the app if you find it useful. If you choose to do so, certain information will be transmitted, stored and processed as necessary to provide the payment feature. In particular, Stripe processes our payments and the Stripe Privacy Policy may be applicable.

4. Crash Reports

4.1. If the app crashes, you may be asked if you wish to submit a crash report. If you accept, your device information and crash details will be sent to us for the purposes of investigating the crash and improving the software.